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Bishopbridgehaven.jpg (25502 bytes)
Natural Finish w/ Chocolate 
Full Overlay Raised Panel Doors
Maple Cabinetry
Bridgehaven, Cheswick, Fairfield, Martinique, Newport and Oxford
wpe1.jpg (11054 bytes)
Red Base Coat w/ Edge Wear
 and Veiling
Full Overlay Recessed Single Panel Shaker Doors
wpe6.jpg (39895 bytes)
Amber Finish
Full Overlay Recessed Double Panel Shaker Doors
bishopmartinique.jpg (38388 bytes)
Pickled Finish w/ Chocolate 
Full Overlay Raised Panel Doors
bishopnewport.jpg (31653 bytes)
Duotone Amber w/
 Chocolate Glaze and Pickled
 w/ Chocolate Glaze Finish
Roman Arch Upper and Square Lower Raised Panel Doors
bishopoxford.jpg (29352 bytes)
Grey Basecoat w/ Chocolate
 Glaze Finish
Square Raised Panel Doors

The excitement of High-Fashion cabinet finishes!
Looks that are time-worn, cracked, dented, worm-eaten, weather-faded, raw, exciting - and oh so beautiful!

Semi-Opaque Base Coats Including Red, Taupe, Green, Yellow, Grey and Blue for that "old paint" impression.

Chocolate or Vanilla Glaze for the look of old familiar objects that have accumulated years of living - like your grandmother's cupboard.

Physical Distress gives your cabinets a worm-eaten and dented look from years of use.

Crackle.  There's a recurring story in the world of antiques.  An old, crackling paint reveals a surprisingly handsome finish color underneath.

Edge Wear mimics finishes worn from years and years of use - as you might find on furniture from early 20th Century English and French "country" collections.

Veiling creates the look of an inconsistent, gauzy, webbed coating - reminiscent of the middle 1900's - an effect you can actually feel in some instances.

Duotone allows you to use two different finish combinations on the same cabinet.

bishop lexington2.jpg (29660 bytes)
Juniper Finish w/ Chocolate
 Glaze and Natural Accents
Square Raised Panel Doors
bishop princeton2.jpg (32428 bytes)
Duotone Red Opaque Base 
 and Grey Base Coats
Cathedral Upper and Square Lower Raised Panel Doors
bishop squire.jpg (19022 bytes)
Natural Finish
Square Recessed Panel Doors
Oak Cabinetry
Lexington, Princeton and Squire
Cherry Cabinetry
Jamestown, Kensington and Richmond
bishop jamestown.jpg (29684 bytes)
Zinfandel Finish w/ Chocolate
Square Raised Panel Doors
bishop kensington.jpg (28506 bytes)
Natural Finish w/ Chocolate
Full Overlay Roman Arch Upper and Square Lower Raised Panel Doors
bishop richmond.jpg (26952 bytes)
Light Finish w/ Zinfandel
Full Overlay Raised Panel Doors
Product Specifications
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Deluxe Series Standard Series

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About Jim Bishop

  It's a world of commitment to quality and value by a small family in a middle-sized American town.
  From our founding by Jim Bishop Sr. in 1964, our traditional approach to business and our old fashioned values have resulted in extraordinary customer satisfaction and steady growth for us.  After all, as a family-owned business we don't have stockholder and board members to answer to.  This gives us more time to satisfy the most important people in our business, our customers.

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Product Warranty

Two-Year Warranty
Cabinets and accessories manufactured and sold by Jim Bishop Cabinets, Inc are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of shipment.   As used herein, the term "defects" shall mean a deficiency or imperfection which causes cabinets or accessories manufactured and sold by Jim Bishop Cabinets, Inc. to fail in the performance of their essential purpose.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Subject to the limitations set forth below, the drawer system, the hinge system, and the cabinet box manufactured and sold by Jim Bishop Cabinets, Inc., come with a non-transferable lifetime warranty (to the original consumer purchaser of the cabinets). The lifetime warranty covers the following items:
The Drawer System
The Hinge System
The Cabinet Box

For a complete description of our warranty, please visit our web site.

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